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Chess Mini Pack 2 PDF eBooks €15 buy download
Starting Out Rook Endgames - Ward
Test your Chess - Pedersen
The Attacking Manual 1 - Aagaard
The Chess Advantage in Black and White - Kaufman
The Dutch Leningrad - McDonald
The Easiest Sicilian - Kolev, Nedev
The Elements of Positional Evaluation - Heisman
The Grandmaster's Mind - Anvi
The Power Chess Program 2
True Lies in Chess - Comas Fabrego
Uncompromising Chess - Beliavsky
Van Perlo's Endgame Tactics - Van Perlo
Victor Bologan Selected Games 1985-2004 - Bologan
Who Dares Wins - D'Costa
Winning Chess Explained - Franco

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Chess Mini Pack 2 PDF eBooks
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