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Hypnotherapy Course - Uncommon Knowledge Audiobook Mp3 VBR €1 buy download
Skills you will gain on the course

Whatever your reasons for attending the Diploma course, this section of the prospectus
will show you what you will learn Take a look and see how many of the skills relate to
what you want to get from it

* An understanding of the central role of hypnosis in all therapeutic interventions
* How to match, pace and lead on an unconscious level to establish and enhance rapport
* The relief of symptoms
* Creating expectancy
* Solution focused questioning
* Establishing well formed outcomes with clients
* How to check and use .basic needs. in therapy
* How to structure an effective therapy session
* .Miracle. questioning and other solution-focused approaches Cognitive therapy and its
uses for anxiety and depression
* Age regression, accessing resources, revivification and rehearsal
* An understanding of false memory syndrome
* The use of .informal/conversational. hypnosis in therapy
* Learning to .read. unconscious communication and communicate below the level of consciousness
* How to create motivation for the client
* Paradoxical interventions
* The rules of social influence
* How to develop personal influence
* The role of .double binds. in therapy
* The .utilisation method. and .joining with the client.
* The importance of .direct perception. when working with clients
* An understanding of .The Human Givens. and how to use them in therapy
* Hypnotic suggestions and post hypnotic suggestions
* The uses for hypnotic amnesia
* Teaching social skills . interpersonal therapy
* The .Observing Self. - how to develop and use it
* Accessing resources and creating new ones
* The role of the conscious mind in therapy
* Eliciting trance phenomena and working with the unconscious mind
* How to create a conscious/unconscious split
* Prescribing therapeutic tasks and .paradoxical interventions. . behavioural therapy
* Using re-framing and humour in therapy
* A full understanding of all the main types of counselling and psychotherapy and their levels
of scientific validation
* A basic understanding of all the major current drug treatments for psychiatric disorders
* How to .read. client metaphors and use them to elicit change, how to construct and use metaphors
and work
* How to understand dreams according to the very latest
* How to work with psychosomatic conditions, physical pain
* An understanding of .Systemic Therapy. and the .Life with the .metaphorical mind. Stories that
heal, dream understanding and research and high blood pressure
* How to .wean. clients when therapy has ended
* Launching a successful psychotherapy practice

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Hypnotherapy Course - Uncommon Knowledge Audiobook Mp3 VBR
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