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Carlson SurveyGNSS v2.3.6 | 319 MB
Carlson SurveyGNSS post-processing software is a reliable and precise tool for all post-processing applications and is tightly integrated into the Carlson field and office workflow. For surveyors and positioning professionals looking to achieve centimeter accuracy when working on the edge of their RTK infrastructure, perform sub-centimeter positioning, and/or provide the highest quality assurance to their customers, SurveyGNSS is the solution.


Achieve high accuracy results in areas with limited or no real-time corrections
Process static, kinematic and “stop & go” raw data
Least squares adjustment including statistical testing
Optimized for processing data from all 4 “major” constellations (GPS, Glonass, Galileo, BeiDou) from capable GNSS receivers such as the Carlson BRx7
SurveyGNSS can also process data from the Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS)
Import GNSS observations from any GNSS receiver in RINEX format
Accept GNSS observations in a variety of proprietary formats
An intuitive user interface with tables, maps and graphs
Improve the quality of single frequency GIS data
Interact efficiently with Carlson SurvCE, SurvPC and Carlson office software
Do quality control of GNSS data before export to Survey or GIS software

SurveyGNSS supports Precise Point Positioning (PPP) as a separate module. Raw data from any single or dual frequency phase data receiver can be used for PPP processing. There is no need for a base or reference network; the receiver can log data autonomously. Depending on observation time, centimeter-accuracy is achievable.

SurveyGNSS uses locally available Positions and associated Observations to compute GNSS Resections and Virtual Reference Stations. The Virtual Reference Station is created as a RINEX file. The VRS can be used as base in both static and stop and go surveys.

RELEASE NOTE Bug Fixes – SurveyGNSS 2.3
• [Case 406064]. Corrected command File…RINEX…Split… subprocess command.
• [Case 406955]. Corrected grid status bar display number of selected rows message after the number
of selected rows contained a zero.
• [Case 406954]. Maintained synchronization of selected grid rows when order is changed by sort.
• [Case 408981]. Improved Progress panel data download pane error messages to more accurately
reflect number of download and/or RINEX integrity errors have occurred.
• [Case 386289]. Updated Geoscience Australia Australian Regional GNSS Network
[ARGN/AuScope]·South Pacific Regional GNSS Network [SPRGN] reference network data service to
relocated/outsourced (AWS) network host.
• Overhaul and test remaining reference network data service provider services to adapt to changed
hosts, access protocols, and file names.
• Replaced deprecated processor servicing command File…RINEX…Split… to correctly handle RINEX 3+
source files and associated constellations, SV PRNs, and observation codes.
• Corrected Compute…Candidate Static Vectors background display for rows not satisfying user defined
duration criteria sorted by To, Length, and From columns.
• [Case 403787]. Updated least squares adjustment binary containing fixes addressing issues
documented therein involving failure to propagate adjusted positions into uniquely measured
positions lacking observation redundancy.
• Corrected RTK/Stop+Go file point occupation trajectory indexing for nonzero microsecond epochs.
• Corrected install to include Carlson NavJSON (.njs) file conversion to RINEX.
• Restored previous File…New…Project functionality whereby the spatial reference definition is
restored when a user selects a previously defined SurveyGNSS template (.sgt) file in the “Select
SurveyGNSS Template Project, Spatial Reference Definition, Or Cancel” file dialog. Selection of an
alternative .prj file SR definition based on selecting that file type in the file dialog dropdown continues
to work as designed.
• [Case 350574]. Corrected issue whereby accessing Edit…Preferences would cause a fatal error in
offline mode.
• [Case 362879]. Updated Search…Published Control to use required secure https:// protocols and
leverage NGS Data Explorer API directly. Otherwise user interface and functionality is unchanged.
• Corrected File…Reports…Position Data Sheets issue whereby projected and localized coordinates in
SI meters were incorrect if spatial reference was in US Feet. Also corrected latitude hemisphere
• [Case 372754]. Updated third party (Septentrio) RINEX converter spf2rin to version 15.4.0 which
addresses changes to proprietary Septentrio '.sbf' binary format written by newer Septentrio receiver

Home: http://www.carlsonsw.com/

Download File Size:338.31 MB

Carlson SurveyGNSS 2.3.6
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