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AKVIS Noise Buster 10.3.3018.17455 Multilingual €10 buy download
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AKVIS Noise Buster 10.3.3018.17455 (x86/x64) Multilingual | 62/66 Mb
AKVIS Noise Buster is noise reduction software. It efficiently reduces noise and grain in your images. Digital cameras opened the door to easy and entertaining photography. However, consumer digital cameras also have their drawbacks: they often produce the so-called digital noise. It can be seen as artifacts or grains that compromise the smoothness of the photo.

It is especially annoying on the skin as it makes it uneven. This kind of noise is called luminance noise. There can also be chroma (color) noise which is perceived as random red and blue pixels spoiling the color accuracy of the snap-shot.

Digital noise can be produced by a number of factors: heating of the camera sensor, long exposure shooting, small pixel size (therefore digital compact cameras generate much noisier images than digital SLRs), high ISO settings, etc. AKVIS Noise Buster is efficient noise suppression software. It reduces both luminance and color noise on digital images without spoiling other aspects of the photo.

The automatic settings usually give a good result. If not quite satisfied, you can tweak the parameters observing the changes in real time in the Quick Preview. The program's window shows Before and After images for comparison. You can switch between the windows with a click on the image.

Separate setting areas for luminance and chroma noise allow you to deal with each kind of noise in the most efficient way. For further adjustment you have a few advanced parameters at your disposal. The histogram displaying the noise level and noise components of the loaded image is very helpful and shows which settings to adjust.

With AKVIS Noise Buster your photos look neat and accomplished!

Interface languages:
English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Russian.

Help files languages:
English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Russian.

Recommended System Requirements:
Operating System: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 - 32-bit, 64-bit
Intel Core i5, 4 Gb RAM, 2 Gb HDD;

Home Page - https://akvis.com/

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Download File Size:118.23 MB

AKVIS Noise Buster 10.3.3018.17455 Multilingual
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