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Autodesk MotionBuilder 2019 | 698.9 mb
The Autodesk products team is pleased to announce the availability of MotionBuilder 2019. This release contains improvements to the Story window, Character Controls, and Baking, as well as a new Clean Up Scene tool to help you reduce file size. There are now configuration options to let you suppress the Character Controls window, and several updates to the SDK.

MotionBuilder 2019 Release Notes:

Camera Switcher improvements
- Improved look and feel: The list of cameras in now displayed in a separate left pane, making it quicker and easier to select cameras.
- Lock switches: Ctrl-select multiple camera switches, right-click the Switcher timeline, and then select Link Selected Clips to lock the selection together, making it easier to move and edit multiple switches at once.
- Move camera switches: Drag the selected camera switch(es) to reposition them on the Switcher timeline.
New embedded media settings
- New embedded media settings in the Saving preferences let you select a specific location for your media files locally and preserve their original file paths. You can also enable a warning that appears before saving a scene with embedded files.
Reduce file size with Clean Up Scene
- A new tool, Clean Up Scene, has been added in the File menu to let you remove empty or unused assets from your scene. This helps you organize your scene and reduce file size. See Reduce file size with Clean Up Scene.
Translation tool updates
- Translate objects in local relative space: You can now move multiple objects in their own respective local space using the translation tool. Instead of applying to all of the selected objects like a global translation, the local translation only applies to the object with the translation handle. See Viewer window Manipulation and Transformation mode tools.
- Parent Reference Mode: Lets you translate an object along the axes of the object's parent. See Viewer window Reference mode tools
Story Window improvements
- Ripple Manipulator: The new ripple manipulator lets you scale a clip and move the position of all subsequent clips at the same time. The change in one clip's duration moves all subsequent clips later on the timeline. To see the manipulator, extend the clip length and track height. See Scaling Clips.
- Sync Shot and Shot Clip Lengths: You can now sync the lengths of a shot and its associated shot clip when stretching one or the other, instead of creating loops. To enable this new mode, click in the Story window controls or turn on Maintain Shot and Shot Clip Lengths Synced from the Story context menu. This mode only affects shots and shots clips and does not affect other types of clips (animation, audio, video). Before using this mode, Time Discontinuity and Loop mode must be turned on.
- Show or hide a clip's text: The following new options can be used to hide a story clip's text during playback and manipulation, improving performance in scenes that have many clips:
. Disable in the Story window controls to hide text.
. Turn on Settings > Preferences > Story > Remove Clips' Texts During Playback & Manipulation to hide text.
- Shot display: Shots are now displayed on multiple tracks, making it easier to manipulate them.
- Matching shot and shot clip colors: In previous versions, shots were always red, now a shot is the same color as its corresponding shot clip.
- Show or hide shots: By default, a shot is hidden if its associated shot track is minimized or collapsed. Turn on the new preference Settings > Preferences > Story > Display Minimized Action Shot Clips to display shots belonging to shot tracks that are minimized or collapsed. See Story preferences.
Play all takes consecutively
- A new option in the Transport Controls lets you playback all takes consecutively. To enable this option, click the button until appears. When this option is active and the time cursor reaches the end of the first take, the next take plays automatically. Playback stops once the end of the last take is reached.
Note: If reverse playback is enabled, playback stops once the beginning of the first take is reached.
FCurves Preferences
- Detect Invalid Keys: An invalid FCurve key can be inserted in a curve following a computation error. When enabled, this new preference detects when an invalid key is inserted, and displays an error message if needed. The problematic key value is automatically reset to 0 and can be fixed manually.
- Force New Keys on Ordinal Property to Step: When enabled (default), keying an ordinal property generates a Step key.
Character Controls: Pinning Presets
- A new Pinning Presets icon in the Controls tab of the Character Controls window lets animators save frequently used pinning setups. It is now possible to save Translation and Rotation pinning values into a unique preset file, and multiple preset files can be saved with different pinning values. Presets can be loaded at any time, eliminating the need to pin and unpin the same effectors repeatedly. See Pinning a Control rig effector and Control tab toolbar.
Baking Improvements
- Plot Aux Effectors: When turned off, this option prevents auxiliary effectors from snapping their position onto their related effectors when plotting to the Control Rig.
- Evaluate Deformation: When turned on, allows deformation during the baking process.
Control automatic popup of Character Controls
- A new option in the Application.txt config file lets you control when the Character Controls opens. By default, the Character Contols opens automatically when a new character or actor is loaded. Set the new PopUpCharachterControlonce option to No to disable this behavior.
Control Human Finger Limits default value
- A new Human Finger Limits preference (Settings > Preferences > Character) has been added to control the default value of the Character's HumanFingerLimits property value when creating a new character. The preference is turned off by default See Character preferences.
FBX Version 2019.5
- MotionBuilder 2019 picks up the latest version of FBX (2019.5), which provides various bug fixes.
Support for DDS bc6 and bc7 video formats
- It is now possible to open a DDS image file compressed with the bc6 or bc7 format natively in MotionBuilder.
LTC device support
- The LTC device is now available if you are running MotionBuilder on Linux.
Run MotionBuilder in batch mode
- MotionBuilder can now be run in batch mode, letting you execute commands without the interface. To do so, the -batch flag must be used when starting MotionBuilder. The batch flag is usually used for executing a Python script, which can be set with the -F flag. See Start MotionBuilder from the command line.
Note: The -batch command is not used for batch rendering.
Time precision improvements
- MotionBuilder 2019 introduces a more accurate tick rate, and the precision of the working rate has been adjusted to match Maya. While working the new rate is used, but while saving the legacy rate is used. This results in greater precision while working, but the same precision as the past while saving.
Set variables in Python console during start up
- The Python Editor now reads the content of the C:\Users\[username]\Documents\MB\[version]-x64\config\Python\pythonidelib_init.py file, allowing users to execute specific code on startup, like shortcut variables. If the file doesn't exist, MotionBuilder creates it. For example, after scn = FBSystem().Scene is added to pythonidelib_init.py, the shortcut variable scn can be used in the Python Editor each time the editor is launched.
SDK Help improvements
- You can access SDK Help topics directly from the MotionBuilder Help table of contents as well as use the help system's improved search feature.

Fixed Issues General
Enabling Trajectories can cause MotionBuilder to crash MOBU-10352
Rendering a MOV file gives errors MOBU-10181
Crash when editing a scene with camera HUD's enabled MOBU-10213
(Linux) There is a difference between clip length vs audio or Mocap Data MOBU-9762
Animation Layers
Undo Animation: Second Undo/Redo creates erroneous extra animation layers MOBU-10650
Undo Animation: Deleted Animation layer is restored in the wrong Take MOBU-10592
Plotting broken when a Body Part contains key frames on an animation layer MOBU-10295
Embedded timecode wrongly loaded for Audio BWF files MOBU-10196
Rendering audio with still images is sometimes failing MOBU-10608
(Camera Switcher) Ability to lock camera clips together MOBU-10416
Cameras use separate undo stack only for Viewer manipulations MOBU-10238
(Camera Switcher) Improve its behavior when dragging clips MOBU-10398
(Camera Switcher) Improve its interface MOBU-10392
(Character Controls) Introduction of load/save of pinning presets MOBU-10579
Allow users to change the Character Extension behavior with stance pose MOBU-10574
A Character using the "MB Character Solver" was sometimes wrongly positioned when the "In Place Lock(s)" properties of the Character were enabled MOBU-10554
Bake (plot) Control Rig - New option to plot Aux Effectors (or not) MOBU-10500
(SDK) FBCharacter.PlotAnimation doesn't always produce the right result MOBU-10333
New preference for the default value of the Character's HumanFingerLimits property MOBU-10328
(Character Extension) Markers not always transparent MOBU-10294
Cannot select last auxiliary effector once one was deleted MOBU-10293
RTTI error when running a script MOBU-10228
Wrong character position when setting its input to None MOBU-10223
Animation offset when loading character animation MOBU-10217
Character Pivot Auxiliaries IK Blend RT values are reset after applying a pose MOBU-10183
Character extensions do not get mirrored when mirroring animations MOBU-9840
Character glitches when driven by an actor MOBU-10301
"Parenting" an object to another object gave bad results MOBU-10604
Story - Additive track issue: Fixes an issue where keys planted successively (on the active additive story track) using ‘K’ causes the camera to keep on moving at each key plant MOBU-10387
Fixed Spline IK constraints error about "Joints must be arranged in a straight line" MOBU-10291
Renaming an animated custom property breaks its box connections MOBU-10243
Parent/Child constraint is not updated correctly MOBU-10229
Crash when two path constraints use the same 3d path MOBU-10222
Path constraint should not let a user add more than one path or constrained object MOBU-10220
Constraints - Crash on delete MOBU-9969
Control Rigs
Crash during scene cleanup process MB (with physics solver/physics properties) MOBU-10551
(SDK) Ability to change setup options of the SpaceBall device MOBU-10502
(Linux) LTC device ported to Linux MOBU-10479
Crash when using the Fall Off Radius option in the FCurve Editor MOBU-10694
Allow an ordinal property to be keyed with the current tangent/interpolation type MOBU-10571
Allow deformation when baking MOBU-10475
Display a warning when an invalid key is added to a curve MOBU-10470
Ability to load/merge a scene with a time range MOBU-10405
Plot - Wrong interpolation type around time discontinuities MOBU-10327
Relation Constraint - Real Time Filter issue with Filter Len input port MOBU-10245
3D Curve Editing Issues MOBU-10231
Crash - FCurves Set Start/End MOBU-10143
Provide callbacks when a FCurve is modified MOBU-10504
(SDK) Allow user to enable/disable a tangent weight MOBU-10572
Add new SDK functionalities to the FCurve Editor MOBU-10577
File I/O
"File > New" always asks to "Save" scene even if no changes were made MOBU-10665
Copy Files Locally when Embedding Media MOBU-10402
Display a message when saving an FBX file with an embedded video bigger than 2 GB MOBU-10225
Optimize DDS file loading MOBU-10215
Crash when exporting in ASF format MOBU-10193
New Clean Up Scene tool MOBU-10467
Please add a way to use MotionBuilder in batch mode MOBU-10419
Random crash after loading a scene MOBU-10302
#define TC_MILLISECOND should be modified to use a new magic number MOBU-10279
Redo stack not always cleared as expected MOBU-10248
3D Curve refresh issue when used by a Path constraint MOBU-10247
Skeleton nodes slightly too big compared to markers MOBU-10239
(SDK) Undo Delete Problem MOBU-10227
(Schematic) Arrange All > Vertical put sometimes nodes on top of others MOBU-10221
A character string pasted in a text field is deleted by pressing the Enter key. MOBU-10780
Add a new Content Locked property for Namespace objects MOBU-10424
Namespace not always case sensitive MOBU-10242
(SDK) Add a way to create an Optical Rigid Body MOBU-10576
Pose Controls
Pose wrongly merged when pose name clashes MOBU-10244
Crash when plotting MOBU-10230
Property reference of blend shape properties are discarded on load MOBU-10224
Crash when doing an undo of a deletion of a custom property MOBU-10155
Rendering still images doesn't support audio anymore MOBU-10309
Can't render .mov files with any codec except H264 MOBU-9902
Python, SDK
(SDK) Set/get/reset the custom color of a property MOBU-10565
Deleting objects still leaves them in the scene as FBMesh MOBU-10563
(SDK) FBObjectPose::GetTransform/SetTransform methods cannot be used MOBU-10308
Crash when accessing a deleted Time Reference MOBU-10306
(Schematic View) FBObjectFlag.kFBFlagBrowsable not always behaving properly MOBU-10300
(SDK) Crash when creating a FBStoryClip with wrong file path MOBU-10299
(SDK) FBModelVertexData doesn't consider all sub patches MOBU-10298
Text fields don't accept pasted text anymore MOBU-10281
(SDK) Fixed and issue where repeatedly setting the start property of a Clip to the same value causes the Clip to jump around in the Story Tool MOBU-9568
Add a way to set variables in Python console during start-up MOBU-10575
Display FCurves from an external source in the FCurveEditor MOBU-10505
(SDK) Custom Tangent + Enhanced FBFCurve/FBKeyControl API MOBU-10493
(SDK) Expose conversion functions to translate a Mobu property to/from FBXSDK MOBU-10460
(SDK) Broken FBCharacterFace.ShapeGroupAdd member function MOBU-10334
(SDK) Crash when calling FBProperty.GetEnumStringList() MOBU-10233
Crash when loading a custom plug-in using the BOOST_PYTHON_MODULE wrapper MOBU-10226
(SDK) FBApplication.OnFileNewCompleted event fired too early MOBU-10218
(SDK) Scene objects do not always have the right python class and the right object flags MOBU-9769
(SDK) Higher level offset/delete animation functions MOBU-9658
Story window
New ripple manipulator on clips MOBU-10570
Add a way to lock the Shot length to its corresponding Clip Shot MOBU-10567
"Connected to current take" and "Update from current take" break after save MOBU-10559
"Undo" will delete an Action Shot Clip rather than undo the last value entered (like a change to the end frame value) MOBU-10508
Rework the visual of overlapping Action Shot Clips MOBU-10507
Action Shot Clip's color should match the Shot Clip's color MOBU-10503
Action Shot Clips of muted Shot Tracks should be hidden MOBU-10501
Increase global performance and during interaction MOBU-10477
Clip animation broken when making it writable after a scene reload MOBU-10305
Crash when muting a Story track MOBU-10304
Crash with a deleted motion clip MOBU-10297
Audio clips with namespaces are wrongly loaded back MOBU-10219
Wrong behavior when editing an Action Shot Clip stop frame by entering a value MOBU-10214
Story Shot Track - The text on the Shot track looks squished or overlap because the height is too short MOBU-7463
Transport Controls/Viewer/Navigator
Translation in local/parent relative space MOBU-10417
Ability to playback one take after the other MOBU-10411
Parent Reference Type for Translation Tool MOBU-10408
Colored arrows in timeline after plotting MOBU-10296
Timecode displayed as text is sometimes wrong when current scene FPS is using a floating-point value MOBU-10246
(Navigator) Scene node not selected when selecting multiples nodes via the Shift modifier MOBU-10216
FBPlayerControl::SetTransportFps can not be set to 59.94 using kFBTimeModeCustom MOBU-6849
(Character Controls) Add a way to prevent the tool to automatically pop-up MOBU-10566
(Character Controls) Refresh issue when changing the Control UI Configuration MOBU-10292
Crash when reorganizing tabs from window to window MOBU-10232
MotionBuilder can crash when using FBDestroyToolByName for Native Widget Holder MOBU-10463
Add support for dds bc6 and bc7 MOBU-10490
JPG texture won't load anymore if fullname contains Japanese characters MOBU-10203
About Autodesk MotionBuilder. Autodesk MotionBuilder is the industry-leading, real-time 3D character animation software for games, feature films, and television productions. It is designed to complement Autodesk Maya and Autodesk 3ds Max, as well as other Autodesk DirectConnect applications that support the Autodesk FBX file format.

With its core focus on interactive real-time workflows, MotionBuilder enables creative and technical artists to take on demanding, animation-intensive projects. It is a professional package designed for 3D data acquisition, manipulation, and visualization, which makes it not only an animation productivity solution, but a tool that drives the iterative process of creativity.

MotionBuilder is available for Windows and Linux operating systems. It natively supports the platform-independent Autodesk FBX 3D data interchange solution allowing integration with applications that support FBX in a production pipeline. In addition to powerful animation features and an intuitive interface, MotionBuilder also includes dedicated tools for creating cameras, lights, shading, cartoon rendering, textures, shadows, and constraints.

About Autodesk. Autodesk helps people imagine, design and create a better world. Everyone—from design professionals, engineers and architects to digital artists, students and hobbyists—uses Autodesk software to unlock their creativity and solve important challenges.

Product: Autodesk MotionBuilder
Version: 2019
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page : www.autodesk.com
Language: english
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even or 10
Size: 2.5 Gb
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Download File Size:677.25 MB

Autodesk MotionBuilder 2019
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