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Applied Flow Technology SteamCalc 2.0 2010-01-28 €20 buy download
Obtaining accurate physical properties for steam and
water is critical in many engineering applications.
Looking up such data in handbooks is time consuming
and error prone. AFT SteamCalc 2.0 provides easy
access to accurate steam and water properties
through a standalone application and through an
add-in to Microsoft ExcelTM.

AFT SteamCalc calculates properties using the 1997
ASME Steam Tables formulation, the most respected
source available. An alternate formulation from NBS
is also provided. Now engineers can conveniently
access reliable steam and water properties on their
desktop PC.

AFT SteamCalc Viewer provides three ways to
calculate steam and water properties from a wide
range of available input parameters using either
ASME 1997 or NBS:

* Single point - a pair of input parameters with
output displaying selected parameters for the
single point
* Two points - two pairs of input parameters with
output displaying parameters for both points and
the difference in value between the two points for
each parameter
* Range - one parameter a single value with the
second specified by a start value, end value and
increment, with output displaying properties for
each increment over the range

Output is user configurable for parameters
displayed, display order and number of digits.
English and SI input and output units are supported.
These parameter and unit preferences may be saved,
reloaded and set as the default. Input sets may be
saved and reloaded. Results can be printed, copied
to the Windows clipboard, saved to a formatted file,
saved to a delimited file, and saved to an Adobe PDF

AFT SteamCalc Add-in for Excel lets you directly
access ASME and NBS steam/water property functions
from within a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Your
spreadsheet based calculations can now have
comprehensive and highly accurate fluid properties
imbedded as a dynamic part of your analysis.
SteamCalc functions may be pasted or directly
entered as you would with any Excel function. Unit
preferences and online help are all available from
the SteamCalc menu that appears on Excel's menu bar.

Any of the available output properties may graphed
over an input range with the graph customizeable for
colors, axis scale, titles, markers and more. Graphs
may be printed copied or saved as jpg files for
insertion into other documents.

Steam/Water Properties Available
* Bulk Modulus of Elasticity
* Compressibility Factor
* Density
* Enthalpy
* Entropy
* Internal Energy
* Isentropic Expansion Coef., Gamma
* Kinematic Viscosity
* Phase
* Prandtl Number
* Pressure
* Quality
* Saturation Temperature
* Sonic Velocity
* Specific Heat, cp
* Specific Heat, cv
* Specific Volume
* Temperature Subcool
* Temperature Superheat
* Temperature
* Thermal Conductivity
* Viscosity


Download File Size:8.03 MB

Applied Flow Technology SteamCalc 2.0 2010-01-28
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