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Cinematique-Instruments GECKO Kaleidoscope 1.5 KONTAKT €1 buy download

Gecko Kaleidoscope is a new member of the Gecko family. The concept of Gecko is based on the simultaneous use of up to 6 sounds - each of them can be loaded into sound slots. Gecko Kaleidoscope provides 38 nice prepared sound sources. There are lots of possibilities. Please visit the Gecko Page to get further infos and demos or check out the limited free version of Gecko.

Gecko Kaleidsoscope runs under a newer Gecko version: Now, each slot is equipped with a separate high-, lowpassfilter, pitch, reverb and delay knob and som further features, please see at update history. Our major goal was the creation of deep ambient pads and mellow spheres. In order to forfill the needs of complex pads we pushed the Gecko concept a little bit forward. Now, each of the six slots is equipped with a separate pitch, high- and lowpass filter, reverb and delay knob. Beside the Fly Table feature we now included the ability of moving frequencies for the master low- and highpass filter. Furthermore we increased the amount of sound sources from about 20 to 47 sounds. The sound sources are divided into 3 groups :

- an organic area with feedbacks, distortions, bells, solo violins or bowed strings
- a keys area with sounds from old classical synthesizers
- a fx area with noise, hizz, crackle and field recording.

All this improvements raised the amount of presets up to 54.

Download File Size:268.21 MB

Cinematique-Instruments GECKO Kaleidoscope 1.5 KONTAKT
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