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CarSim TruckSim 2016.1 €50 buy download

Mechanical Simulation Corporation has released update of CarSim 2016 and TruckSim 2016; vehicle dynamics simulation software which features improvements for both new and existing users.

Some highlights of the latest releases include:

Road Building and GPS
- New GUI screens were added to build roads and paths with segments that can be straight, circular arcs, clothoid spirals, or X-Y tables.
- GUI screens for X-Y tables include an option to import GPS data. GPS data files can be obtained on-line from a new page on the CarSim web site: https://atlas.carsim.com/.
- Multiple 3D road surfaces are connected with built-in boundaries using four new GUI screens. Tires and moving objects automatically change surfaces when they cross boundaries.
Vehicle Models
- The steering system model was rewritten internally to support options for replacing and/or disabling parts of the model with external components.
- The twist-beam suspension model has been extended with six new GUI screens to account for the many compliance conditions that occur in the K&C tests and on the road.
ADAS Sensors (Optional) and Moving Objects
- ADAS Sensor detections include five more variables; the GUI screens for sensors and moving objects have been extended; dashboard alerts are included; many ADAS examples were added.
- VS Visualizer supports visual sensors with shared memory regions, where each pixel has an RGB value, or distance value, or vector normal information. These sensors use the full 3D shape, texture, and lighting information for the entire scene, including the
ground and all objects.
Interfaces to Other Software
- Export of output variables to Excel and MATLAB has been greatly simplified: users can drag and drop from VS Visualizer, or set up new runs to write Excel/MATLAB files from within the GUI.
- VS Visualizer supports VS Results Analysis Package (VSRAP) files with all animator and video information from a run. Colleagues without CarSim can now view CarSim results.
- A new interface called VS STI Interface (VS version of Standard Tire Interface) supports external tire models (e.g., TASS MF-Tyre/MF-Swift, COSIN F-Tire). Users can now connect custom tire models using C source code provided with CarSim 2016.
- CarSim 2016 works with TASS MF-Tyre/MF-Swift 7.0, released in November 2015 for Windows and dSPACE DS1006. This is the first commercial version of MF-Tyre that runs on a dSPACE RT system, and it is available only for CarSim RT.
- CarSim 2016 supports the Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI) in co-simulation mode for FMI 1.0 and 2.0. It has modes for a completely self-contained Functional Mock-up Unit (FMU), or an FMU that handles input and output involving external files.

About Mechanical Simulation Corporation

Mechanical Simulation Corporation is a technology leader in the development and distribution of advanced software used to simulate vehicle performance under a wide variety of conditions. The company was established in 1996, and from its Ann Arbor, Mich., headquarters provides car, truck and motorcycle simulation packages, training and ongoing support to more than 90 OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers, and over 160 universities and government research groups worldwide.

Name: CarSim/TruckSim
Version: 2016.1 r20961
Interface: english
OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7even / 8 / 8.1


Download File Size:1.53 GB

CarSim TruckSim 2016.1
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