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Digital Tutors Texturing Sci-Fi Game Assets in Substance Designer €15 buy download

Digital Tutors
Victor Kam

In this Substance Designer tutorial, we’ll learn how to texture game assets using a spaceship as an example.
Along the way, we'll be creating custom nodes to speed up our workflow that can also be used for future projects as well as exposing useful parameters so other artists can easily tweak values.
By the end of this Substance Designer training, you’ll learn how to texture game assets using a master node graph that’ll allow us to plug-in brand new assets to give us quick, easy and consistent textures.

1 Introduction and project overview
2 Creating normal map based off linework
3 Extruding panels with the bevel tool
4 Developing normal mapping workflow
5 Adding layers to our normal mapper
6 Exposing normal map parameters
7 Reviewing the final normal map
8 Baking mesh data
9 Creating the base metal material
10 Instancing the tri-planar node
11 Creating the base paint material
12 Adding striping to material
13 Modulating our stripe layer
14 Creating the base glass material
15 Exposing parameters on the base materials
16 Blending materials
17 Building our bank of decals
18 Placing decals
19 Adding emissive lighting
20 Creating wear and tear
21 Creating the master node
22 Tweaking the master node
23 Begin texturing the drone
24 Finishing the drone and turret texture
25 Reviewing the final models


Download File Size:1.28 GB

Digital Tutors Texturing Sci-Fi Game Assets in Substance Designer
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