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Pluralsight CompTIA Securityplus SY0-401 Compliance and Operational Security €15 buy download

Christopher Rees

This course prepares students for the compliance and operational security section of the CompTIA Security+ (SY0-401) exam. This course deals with security issues such as compliance, risk mitigation, basic forensic procedures and environmental controls used to increase reliability, resiliency, and maintain business continuity. The importance of mitigating risk and calculating the likelihood and expected losses of various risks is covered, along with dealing with 3rd party integration, SLAs, and maintaining operations through business continuity best practices. Environmental controls including HVAC, hot and cold aisles, high availability, and fault tolerant best practices are also discussed. Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability (CIA) best practices are also covered to ensure data is secure, verified, and accessible.

Risk and Related Concepts
1h 0m
Module Overview 3m 40s
The Security Cycle 2m 59s
Control Types 9m 34s
Incident Response 5m 52s
False Positives, False Negatives, and Security Policies 9m 47s
Risk Calculation 8m 43s
MTTF, MTTR, and MTBF 3m 23s
Threat Vectors, Vulnerabilities, and Managing Risk 6m 5s
Risk Avoidance and Risks Associated With Cloud Computing 4m 30s
RPO and RTO 6m 9s
Risks Associated With 3rd Party Integration
21m 37s
Course Overview and Onboarding Process 3m 15s
3rd Party Integration 2m 8s
Off-Boarding Process 0m 58s
Social Media Networks and Applications 1m 37s
SLA 1m 46s
BPA 0m 36s
MOU and ISA 2m 22s
Privacy Considerations and Data Ownership 3m 40s
Data Backups 1m 2s
Security Policies and Procedures 1m 44s
Review Agreements and Verify Compliance 2m 23s
Risk Mitigation Strategies
23m 50s
Module Overview 1m 10s
Change Management 8m 8s
Incident Management 2m 27s
User Rights and Permissions Review 3m 44s
Perform Routine Audits 1m 9s
Preventing Data Loss or Theft 1m 51s
Attack Vectors 1m 39s
Enforce Technology Controls 2m 39s
Module Review 0m 59s
Implementing Basic Forensic Procedures
46m 18s
Module Overview 1m 42s
What Is Computer Forensics? 2m 39s
Order of Volatility 5m 21s
First Responder Best Practices 5m 32s
Capture a System Image 4m 5s
Network Traffic and Logs 4m 10s
Capture Video 1m 4s
Record Time Offset 2m 44s
Take Hashes 4m 36s
Screenshots 1m 10s
Witnesses 2m 5s
Track Man Hours and Expense 2m 39s
Chain of Custody 2m 53s
Big Data Analysis 3m 39s
Module Review 1m 51s
Incident Response Concepts
41m 49s
Module Overview 2m 13s
Incident Preparation 8m 2s
Incident Identification 2m 38s
Incident Response 1m 57s
Incident Notification and Escalation 4m 52s
Incident Mitigation and Isolation 3m 9s
Lessons Learned 1m 34s
Incident Reporting 3m 31s
Recovery and Reconstitution Procedures 1m 24s
First Responder 1m 54s
Incident Isolation 3m 7s
Data Breach 3m 58s
Damage and Loss Control 2m 13s
Module Review 1m 10s
Security Related Awareness and Training
30m 19s
Module Overview 1m 19s
Security Policy Training and Procedures 2m 50s
Validate Compliance and Security Posture 1m 8s
Role Based Training 1m 14s
Personally Identifiable Information 1m 19s
Information Classification 1m 59s
Data Labeling, Handling, and Disposal 2m 24s
Compliance 3m 45s
User Habits 6m 42s
New Threats, Security Trends, and Alerts 2m 49s
Use of Social Networking and P2P 2m 58s
Module Review 1m 47s
Physical and Environmental Controls
41m 44s
Module Overview 1m 25s
Environmental Factors 1m 44s
HVAC 1m 56s
Fire Suppression 3m 9s
EMI Shielding 2m 48s
Hot and Cold Aisles 2m 49s
Environmental Monitoring 1m 57s
Temperature and Humidity Controls 1m 43s
Physical Security, Locks, Mantraps, and Video Surveillance 4m 4s
Fencing 1m 33s
Proximity Readers and Access Lists 2m 25s
Proper Lighting and Signs 2m 29s
Barricades 1m 13s
Biometrics 1m 3s
Protected Distribution Systems 4m 15s
Alarms and Motion Detection 2m 39s
Control Types 4m 23s
Risk Management Best Practices
52m 32s
Module Overview 1m 15s
Business Continuity Concepts 2m 14s
Business Impact Analysis 3m 14s
Identification of Critical Systems and Components 1m 36s
Removing Single Points of Failure 1m 37s
Business Continuity Planning and Testing 2m 46s
Risk Assessment and Continuity of Operations 2m 35s
Disaster Recovery Planning 3m 44s
IT Contingency Planning 2m 48s
Succession Planning 1m 34s
High Availability 3m 40s
Redundancy 4m 30s
Tabletop Exercises 2m 33s
Fault Tolerance 1m 45s
RAID 4m 6s
Clustering 1m 39s
Load Balancing 1m 42s
Servers 0m 50s
Backup Plans, Execution, and Frequency 3m 53s
Hot, Warm, and Cold Sites 4m 21s
Appropriate Controls to Meet Security Goals
29m 40s
Module Overview 2m 34s
Encryption 2m 58s
Access Controls 0m 49s
Steganography 6m 15s
Digital Signatures 2m 32s
Certificates 3m 6s
Availability, Redundancy, Fault Tolerance, and Patching 3m 24s
Safety 1m 47s
Lighting 0m 56s
Locks 0m 42s
CCTV 0m 53s
Escape Plans, Escape Routes, and Drills 1m 50s
Testing Controls 1m 47s


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Pluralsight CompTIA Securityplus SY0-401 Compliance and Operational Security
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