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FineELEC combines Design and Calculations in a Fully INtegrated Environment,
making all the required calculations for any Electrical Building Installation
directly from drawings, hence producing automatically all the study results:
Calculation sheets, technical reports, bill of materials and costing, as well
as all the final drawings (plan views, panel diagrams, details) fully updated.

FineELEC consists of two Components, synergistically interacting between each

* The CAD Component, a powerful autonomous tool (based on IntelliCAD), including
a flexible cad interface for designing the installation and an expert system for
producing the final drawings (plan views of the installation, block diagram,
panel drawings details etc).
* The Calculations Component, an advanced calculation environment, using a
spreadsheet-like functionality and a rich methodological background. It provides
all the calculation results of the network, in a perfectly presented and completely
documented way.

Advanced CAD Interface

FineELEC has an advanced CAD interface for designing any electrical installation
in two simple steps:

* Location of the Installation components on the ground plan (panels, receptors,
appliances, lights, switches etc)

* Cable Drawing design (auto-routing) with simple or more sophisticated commands
(i.e. .Cables Parallel to Wall, automatically connected to the receptors. command)
that speed up the process. Screen 1 The view plan can be in any DWG or DXF file
format or even taken from a scanner (bitmap file). Also the Architectural plan can
be drawn from scratch through the AutoBLD (Architectural) commands of the package.

Complete Calculations directly from the Drawings

The calculations Component is automatically updated from the installation drawings
through the AutoNET group of commands. The network is recognised and transferred
into the calculation sheet, where it is immediately calculated. Calculations are
based on a rich Methodological background, adopting International and European

All the components of the installation (cables, protection devices etc) are
calculated in detail, taking into account any relative parameter (ambient
temperature, cable installation method and means etc). Intermediate calculation
results (e.g. permissible current in each line, voltage drops etc) are also
presented. Optimization routines (such as sutomatic phases allocation) and control
procedures (such as short circuit controls etc) are also accomplished. In addition
the program produces the bill of materials, and a series of technical descriptions.
All the results are shown in the calculations output and are completely documented.

Automatic production of all project drawings

All project drawing are automatically created in a final form:

Panels: They include all the information and can be edited by the user.

Block Diagram: Shows the distribution diagram of the whole installation.

Plan Drawings: Fully updated according to the calculation results.

All the drawing can be edited and enriched, using the special utilities and the
symbol libraries which are open to the user.

5 + 1 reasons for working with FINE-ELEC

* Global Design based on Object Oriented Programming (OOP) philosophy, Implemented
with the most advanced tools (C++) and a long-range software engineering technology.
* Autonomous CAD (including IntelliCAD with its user license) providing full
independency from other CAD environments, but keeping the most popular CAD standards
and open dwg communication.
* Work on real 3D model of the project (building plus electrical network) from the
beginning to the end. Unlimited freedom to create and modify, through parametric
dialog boxes, due to the object structure of the whole information.
* Seamless Integration between the CAD Component and the Electrical Calculation
Component and Interactive Communication between drawings and spreadsheets.
* Calculation environment based on a rich and reliable methodological background,
adopting the most modern techniques and standards. Results completely documented and
perfectly presented.
* 4M-Suite Supports the close cooperation between the Electrical Engineer and the
Architect, Civil Engineer and Mechanical Engineer, during all the stages of the
Building Design process


Download File Size:65.93 MB

IntelliCAD Fine ELEC 9 NG
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