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Pluralsight Making .NET Applications Even Faster €10 buy download

Sasha Goldshtein
3h 10m

In this course, you will learn how to make .NET applications even faster by using a variety of techniques that expand upon the "Making .NET Applications Faster" course. You will explore the garbage collector's inner workings and how to use them to your advantage. You will learn about modern CPUs and how to optimize for them using vector instructions and cache optimization techniques. Finally, you will learn about relevant JIT optimizations and .NET Native, a preview .NET optimization technology.

Garbage Collection Internals 54:58
-Course Introduction 1:53
-Basic Concepts 10:22
-GC Flavors 12:53
-Generations 11:42
-Finalization 18:06
Reducing Pressure on the Garbage Collector 38:17
-Garbage Collection Metrics 14:04
-Using Value Types When Possible 5:56
-Reducing Allocations 10:29
-Avoiding Finalization 7:47
Vectorizing CPU-Bound Algorithms 23:58
-Introduction to SIMD 8:02
-Microsoft.Bcl.Simd 6:20
-Vectorizing Algorithms 9:36
CPU Optimizations 39:38
-Understanding the CPU 19:07
-CPU Effects on Algorithms 20:30
JIT Optimizations and .NET Native 33:20
-JIT Optimizations 17:34
-.NET Native 13:28
-Course Summary 2:16


Download File Size:495.12 MB

Pluralsight Making .NET Applications Even Faster
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