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War Criminals Welcome Australia a Sanctuary for Fugitive War Criminals Since 1945 PDF eBook €1 buy download

Mark Aarons, "War Criminals Welcome: Australia a Sanctuary for Fugitive War Criminals Since 1945"
English | ISBN: 1863953701 | 2001 | 649 pages | PDF | 8 MB

Table of contents :
Foreword by Bob Hawke vii
Introduction 1
Main Characters and Organisations 7

Part One Australia 2001: Murderers Among Us 17
Chapter One War Criminals 'Welcome' 19
Chapter Two The War Criminals Next Door 35

Part Two Europe 1939-1949: The West's Nazi Agents 57
Chapter Three Latvia's Auxiliary Police 59
Chapter Four Latvia, 1941-44 81
Chapter Five Croatia, 1941-45 101
Chapter Six Operation Headache/Boathill: US Intelligence and the Nazi Scandal 133
Chapter Seven Operation Rummage: The Nazi Scandal Continues 153

Part Three Australia 1947-1967: The Cover-Up 179
Chapter Eight Charles Spry's Nazi Agent 181
Chapter Nine ASIO's Nazi Agents 207
Chapter Ten Invaluable Assistance to ASIO 221
Chapter Eleven Arthur Calwell: The Political Cover-Up Begins 244
Chapter Twelve: Harold Holt: The Political Cover-Up Continues 259
Chapter Thirteen Harold Holt: Blackmailing the Jews 273
Chapter Fourteen Brigadier Spry: The Intelligence Cover-Up 287
Chapter Fifteen Athol Townley and the Mass Killer of Ungvar 313

Part Four Australia 1955-2001: The Consequences 335
Chapter Sixteen Ljenko Urbancic: The Liberal Party's Little Goebbels 337
Chapter Seventeen British Intelligence and the Laundering of Ljenko 358
Chapter Eighteen Brigadier Spry and Croatian Terrorism 390
Chapter Nineteen The Friar Was A Terrorist 409
Chapter Twenty ASIO's Terrorist 423

Part Five Australia 1961-2001: The Search for Justice 442
Chapter Twenty-One Garfield Barwick: Justice Abandoned 444
Chapter Twenty-Two Bob Hawke: The Search for Belated Justice 465
Chapter Twenty-Three The Keating Government: Justice Betrayed 485

Postscript 523
Endnotes 531
Index 635

Download File Size:8.1 MB

War Criminals Welcome Australia a Sanctuary for Fugitive War Criminals Since 1945 PDF eBook
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